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Suspension Questions

Q. Will the X-SPEC suspension parts work on 4X4s?
A. X-SPEC sway bars, lowering kit, suspension bumpers and custom-tuned Edelbrock shocks work on 95-2000 2WD, 4WD and AWD.

Q. Do you have a 3" lowering kit?
A. The X-SPEC lowering kit will lower your 95-00 Explorer 1 3/8 inches. We have tried more lowering, starting at 2 inches. Based on our own experimentation and feed back from Explorer owners, we have found 1 3/8 inches to be the best compromise between lowering and maintaining enough suspension travel for acceptable ride quality. Excessive lowering reduces suspension travel so much that the suspension rests on it's bumpers all the time . This results in a harsh, jerky ride. Our suspension parts have been tuned to work together to provide the best possible ride quality and crisper, more secure handling. We recommend X-SPEC suspension bumpers for best ride quality.

Q. Won't my Explorer ride rougher after lowering?
A. Not if you install the complete package. The X-SPEC Edelbrock shocks have been specially calibrated to provide optimum dampening with suspension travel that is more limited than stock. Plus the X-SPEC suspension bumpers provide extra travel in the front and progressive cushioning in the rear for a smoother ride.

Q. What are suspension bumpers?
A. Suspension bumpers are rubber or poly cushions that prevent the metal parts of the suspension from touching each other when the suspension moves to it's limit.

Q. Can I install the lowering kit and sway bars myself?
A. Our lowering kit comes with complete and detailed instructions and can be installed in the driveway with normal hand tools and a floor jack and stands. A professional wheel alignment to the specs listed in the kit is recommended.

Q. How long does it take to install the X-SPEC package?
A. In our shop we charge 5.5 hours of labor.

Q. Do I need to replace my shocks when I lower my Explorer?
A. Your stock shocks will work with the lowering kit, but their inferior dampening won't give you the control and ride quality of our custom tuned Edelbrock shocks. The shocks are tuned differently for standard and lowered Explorers, so decide if you are going to lower the truck before ordering shocks.

Q. Aren't all Edelbrock shocks the same?
A. We are an Edelbrock shock distributor. Because of our special relationship, Edelbrock has custom tuned shocks to work with our X-SPEC lowering kit and sway bars. We deliver an Explorer with the full X-SPEC suspension to Edelbrock's Torrance, California facility and they analyze the shock performance, dyno the shocks and make changes to the damping curve to improve performance. After an exhausting amount of changing and testing, they produced a custom tuned shock to our specs that maximizes the performance of our suspension parts and maintains a quality ride even on washboard LA freeways.

Q. Does the lowering kit include springs and torsion bars?
A. The X-SPEC lowering kit uses the original springs and torsion bars. The rear is lowered via blocks and longer u-bolts, the front by adjusting the torsion bar tension. The front adjustment results in excessive negative camber. The camber is corrected with the included adjustment cams.

Q. Will the X-SPEC package work on my Explorer with automatic ride height.
A. Not unless you abandon the air control system.

Q. Why would I want to disable the automatic height system?
A. Improved handling and the cost of the kit is less than replacement air shocks.

Q. Will the X-SPEC work on my 2 door?
A. Yes, with the exception that the rear spring spacers and u-bolts are not required. The 2 doors have a unique mono leaf rear spring that is thinner than the multi leaf springs on the 4 doors. In order to use the same length shock as a 4 door, there is a stack of spacers between the mono leaf spring and the shock mount. The 2 doors can be lowered by relocating the spacers to the top of the spring from the bottom and reusing the stock u-bolt.

Q. Do you have a lowering kit for for my 93 Explorer?
A. The early (90-94) Explorers can be lowered with Eibach lowering front spring and rear blocks. We tried this on our original 94 Explorer X. The ride quality was terrible and nothing we did would improve it. We don't recommend lowering early Explorers.

Q. Why do some years need front sway bars and some don't?
A. 95-97 Explorers came with hollow, tubular front sway bars which we replace with a solid bar. The 98-00 have solid bars like our X-SPEC bars and don't need to be replaced.

Q. Won't cheaper sway bars I saw in an ad work the same?
A. Our sway bars are superior quality material, powder painted and precision bent for good fit. Most aftermarket bars use wimpy 7/8 diameter rear bars. Our experimentation showed that the Explorer needed more rear bar to tune out the overwhelming understeer of the factory suspension. Plus, the X-SPEC 90-94 front bars use heavy duty poly bushings with lube fitting for easy maintenance.

Q. What are split collets?
A. Split Collets are special clamping devices that are bolted on to the rear sway bar to prevent excessive lateral montion.

Q. Why do you think Edelbrock shocks are superior to Bilstein? -
A. Bilsteins are a good performance shocks with excellent control and turn-in. The Edelbrocks offer similar control and feel, but their unique IAS system let's the shock "go soft" for one cycle when the tire encounters a bump or dip. The result is great control and a superior ride quality, especially on rough roads. And the quality of the roads is not going to improve anytime soon.

Q. Will installing the X-SPEC suspension void my warranty?
A. Installing aftermarket parts does not void the warranty. If your wipers quit working, they are still covered. If an aftermarket shock leaks, it is, naturally, not covered. If something like a ball joint fails, this could be a grey area, depending on the outlook of the individual Ford dealer. The dealer must have some logic that would indicate that the modifications caused the covered parts to fail in order to deny warranty coverage.

Q. Will lowering my Explorer damage the suspension?
A. No. The X-SPEC suspension kit was designed to keep the suspension operating within it's design parameters, so there is no accelerated wear of suspension components.

Q. Do I need high peformance tires?
A. The X-Spec package will work fine with any good quality stock type tire that is properly inflated. Performance tires will improve the handling qualities with a slight decrease in ride quality. We don't recommend larger than 17" wheels. A 275-55/17 tire is the perfect size - the same overall height as the stock 235-75/15, but with an 11 inch section width. Larger diameter wheels require a tire with so little sidewall height that the ride quality suffers.

Q. Will the X-SPEC suspension work on my SportTrac or 2001 Sport?
A. Yes. Their suspension is very similiar to late model 4 doors.

Q. How do I talk my wife into letting me upgrade my Explorer suspension?
A. When we first got into Explorers, we were quite disappointed to find out that they handle like PIGS. We found the ride motions were so excessive and sloppy that every day driving was a challenge, and we're folks who like to drive. With the X-SPEC suspension installed an Explorer feels much more car-like and is a lot more fun to drive. The improved performance provides more than boy racer grins. Without the stock lean and wallowing, the driver can control the truck much more easily and it is more forgiving in emergency situations. This increases overall safety and driver confidence.



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