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Supercharger Questions

Q. I want a supercharger, but my new Explorer only has 500 miles on, should I wait or get the supercharger now?
A. We recommend the engine be broken in before installation. 1000 miles is enough.

Q. I want 11 lbs of boost, why does the X-charger only make 6 lbs?
A. Supercharging any engine above 6 lbs of boost will require modifications to the fuel system and electronic spark retard. Boost above 9 lbs requires a specially built engine. Our X-CHARGER kits have been designed to work on stock engines with stock fuel systems. The moderate 5-6 lbs maximum boost won't cause engine problems or require modifications.

Q. What is the difference between centrifugal and the Eaton positive displacement superchargers?
A. Centrifugal superchargers make boost by spinning the intake air. The boost increases with rpm - there is little boost at lower engine speeds with a surge of power at 4000 to 5000 rpm. A positive displacement type, like the Eaton, makes boost a low rpm, as much as 4 lbs of boost at only 1800 rpm. This result is very good off-the-line and low speed performance, excellent midrange and fantastic throttle response. The added power of the Eaton is much more useable.

Q. I want to up the power of my Explorer. Should I get a chip, headers and exhaust now and the supercharger later?
A. Our performance exhaust systems work well with stock or supercharged engines. If you are planning to get the supercharger, you should hold off on other performance parts except for the cat-back exhaust and K&N air filter. The supercharger improves performance so much that you may not need any other performance modifications.

Q. How long does it take to install a supercharger and can I do it myself?
A. The X-CHARGER comes with very complete and easy to follow instructions. If you'd feel comfortable taking off the upper intake manifold, you can install it yourself. Installation in our shop, by experienced technicians takes less than 8 hours. For a first time amateur, a weekend should be plenty of time for installation.

Q. I want a BBK 4.0 supercharger. Does it fit my 99 4.0 SOHC?
A. The BBk Instacharger only fits the 4.0 overhead valve engine. We are developing an X-CHARGER kit for 97- 2002 overhead cam engine. It should be available late summer 2001. The BBK Instacharger is only available for 90-97 Explorers.

Q. My Explorer has 148,000 miles. Will the supercharger hurt the engine?
A. Superchargers should not be installed on high mileage engines or engines with mechanical problems.

Q. Will installing a supercharger void my warranty?
A. Modifications to your Explorer will not void the warranty. If you install a supercharger and the power windows quit, they are still covered. If you replace the radio and the speakers fail, they probably won't be covered. There must be some logic to support a theory that the modification resulted in a covered part failing.

Q. Is the supercharger a problem when I need a smog check?
A. The X-CHARGER has been lab tested and certified by the California Air Resources Board and is exempt from Smog Check prohibitions. It is registered and legal on emission controlled Explorers.

Q. Do I need a larger radiator with a supercharger?
A. The stock cooling systern is robust enough to provide sufficient cooling with the supercharger.

Q. Are there any other parts that make the superchargers more effective?
A. The supercharger kits are complete and require no additional parts. A free-flow cat-back exhaust system, like our X-SPEC exhaust, is recommended for maximum performance.

Q. Shouldn't I get headers along with the supercharger?
A. On the V8 aftermarket, headers will soften the bottom end response. We don't recommend headers with the X-CHARGER supercharger.

Q. Will the supercharger effect my fuel mileage?
A. Supercharging should improve fuel mileage because with the added power, less throttle opening is required for a given load. In the real world, mileage usually decreases because the crisp engine response is so pleasing that owners constantly get into the throttle just for fun.

Q. The Eaton superchargers require no maintenence for 100,000 miles. What do they need then?
A. Change the oil.

Q. Will the supercharger cause my engine to wear out prematurely??
A. If the ignition and fuel injection systems are working properly, the supercharger will not cause accelerated engine wear. The X-CHARGER features a by-pass system that dumps boost whenever there is vacuum in the engine i.e. cruising, low engine speeds with light throttle opening and the engine operates as a normally aspirated under those conditions. When the supercharger is running with the by-pass valve open, it uses only about 3 horsepower.

Q. Won't the supercharger make my Explorer noisy like some kind of race car?
A. The Eaton Corporation spent millions of dollars developing the Eaton supercharger so it would meet the needs of manufacturers for use in luxury cars. Part of their requirement is low noise levels. The Eaton unit is the quietest supercharger available. Your Explorer won't sound like a race car, but it will feel like one.

Q. What kind of fuel should I use?
A. You'll need the highest octane fuel you can get. 91 octane is good, 92 octane is better. Pinging must be avoided. Some fuel brands resist pinging better than others.

Q. What is the warranty on the supercharger?
A. The supercharger unit comes with a one year or 12,000 mile limited warranty. Any subsequent damage is not covered. Our X-CHARGER kit, except for drivebelt and pulley bearings, are covered by our limited warranty to the original buyer for the life of the truck.

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