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Explorer Express: The finest Explorer parts and accessories

Improved Handling & Greater Safety with
for 95-2001 Explorer & Sport Trac

A friend of our office manager had a terrifying driving incident.

When she was cut off in light traffic, she reacted instinctively, jerking hard on the steering wheel, resulting in her losing control, sliding across the road and finally coming to a stop on a traffic island where she and her three daughters broke into a spontaneous cry. No one was injured, but she was so unnerved that she dreaded driving her Explorer. And the girls were afraid to even ride in it.

But there is a happy ending to the story.

As a last resort, to try to keep from selling a car that suited her needs in so many other ways, she had us install our X-SPEC handling package. The difference, even to a person who thinks of her Explorer as an appliance, not a plaything, was immediately noticeable. The flatter cornering and more precise handling soon restored her driving confidence. Her husband had warned her to expect a harsher ride, but she joyfully reported that she felt that the ride was better than before.

Explorer Express has done the research, done the testing, to greatly improve your Explorer's handling. Without ruining your Explorer's aceptable ride quality. Our X-SPEC Handling Package consists of:

  • larger sway bars to reduce body roll
  • moderate lowering to reduce body roll and improve handling characteristics
  • custom tuned Edelbrock shocks for the best control and ride quality
  • special suspension bumpers to improve ride quality

Our handling package can't keep your Explorer from rolling--any car or truck can do that under bad circumstances. But it will give the driver the improved control and confidence that may be the difference between driving home and a ride to the hospital.

And for an enthusiastic Explorer driver, it will turn every drive into a fun one.

That's why we think every Explorer owner will benefit from the improved control that our X-SPEC handling packages offer.

Comes with comprehensive instructions and alignment specs.

For more information, please review our Common Questions section.

Sway Bars
Every Explorer driver will appreciate the effectiveness of larger sway bars. These husky sway bars reduce body roll giving the driver better control and safer handling all the time - especially in emergency situations. A very desirable handling improvement with little loss of ride quality. We compared many brands and these bars, manufactured to our specifications after extensive testing, work and fit the best. Bars are bent to exact factory configuration, not the one size fits all, universal styles offered elsewhere. Recommended for 2 or 4 wheel drive. Fits 91-01 4 door / 91-03 2 door / 01-04 Sport Trac

Lowering Kit
Lowering your 95-2001 Explorer makes a fantastic improvement in handling by lowering the chassis roll center. Not to mention a tough look. Ride height is lowered approximately 1 3/8 inches. Chassis components still operate within their stock parameters, so there is no unusual wear or stress. Kit is easy to install. Includes aluminum lowering blocks, special u-bolts, front camber adjusters and detailed instructions. Front end alignment will be required after installation. 2 door kit is for front only.

The only shock absorber with the patented Inertia Active System

The Inertia Active System built into every Edelbrock shock absorber can sense the difference between the motion of the the wheel and the motion of the chassis. Conventional shocks have a fixed dampening rate and can only react to the relative motion between the chassis and the wheel. In other words, they can't tell whether the wheel is going down or the chassis is going up. They can only tell there is a motion between the two. The fixed dampening rate means that conventional shocks will be either be soft for a better ride or stiff for better handling.

Edelbrock Performer IAS shocks have a variable dampening rate that enables the shock to apply a higher dampening force when it's needed to control excess chassis motion and a lower force when the wheel hits bumps, potholes, railroad tracks or any surface irregularities.

Variable dampening improves handling as well as ride comfort. Here's how: When the chassis tries to lean while cornering or nose dive during hard braking, a very high dampening force is present to keep the chassis very stable. When the wheel encounters bumps or potholes, the dampening force falls to a reduced level, enabling the wheel to follow the terrain without transmitting jolts to the chassis. This allows for a smooth ride and increased traction for the tires because they remain in full contact with the road. Edelbrock shocks are tuned specifically for Explorers and the dampening forces are set to be stiffer while handling and softer over rough terrain than conventional shocks.

The revolutionary Edelbrock Performer IAS shock absorbers deliver excellent handling and a comfortable ride. The patented Ricor Inertia Active System eliminates the compromise inherent in other designs for a shock that is soft on rough roads and firm on smooth ones. They keep the tires on the ground and the chassis stable. You may have heard these claims before, but now it's for real. With Edelbrock, you get "The Best of Both Worlds" - superior handling and maximum comfort!

Suspension Bumpers
Our suspension Bumpers are recommended for maximum ride quality on lowered Explorers. The fronts allow a little more suspension travel, yet still does a good job of cushioning the suspension when all the travel is gone. The rear bumpers are a voided design, specially modified to work on your Explorer, that provide progressive damping depending on amount of axle movement. They combine to provide the ultimate ride comfort on lowered Explorers. For 2wd, 4wd or AWD. Fits Sport & Sport Trac.

For more information, please review our Suspension Questions section.

See what the press and other experts say: Bob Bondurant takes the Explorer X on a Road Test. See our Press Reviews section for all our reviews.

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95-97 4-Door Complete X-Spec Suspension Kit ZD5615 $809.95
98-01 4-Door Complete X-Spec Suspension Kit ZD5616 $724.95




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