No single accessory can change the look and handling of your Explorer more than a set of custom wheels and high performance tires.

The hot setup is 17" OR 18" wheels and tires. Although there is some degrading of ride quality, the crisp turn-in and grippy handling will transform your Explorer. 20" or 22" inch tires are too harsh and we don't recommend them.

17" or 18" wheels are recommended for 95 and later Explorers only and require that the left parking brake cable on V8s be tie wrapped to the suspension link for tire clearance. Some tires may rub slightly on the front sway bar with +25mm offset wheels. Wheels are priced per each and include caps.

scorpion zero tires

For Explorer owners who expect (demand) more performance from their trucks, we offer the ultimate high performance quality and value tire - the Pirelli Scorpion Zero

  • "H" or "V" rated
  • Longitudinal grooves provide maximum water expulsion for maximum control in rain
  • Transverse tread blocks minimize noise for a quiet ride
  • Precision handling & excellent traction
  • Mud & snow rated
  • Cool yellow scorpion sidewall logo (17" only)
  • Wide tread pattern & low profile for performance look

What all this means to you is crisp handling, great wet road performance and a ride that is almost as comfortable as the floppy "rim protector" OE tires that came stock on your Explorer. As used on Explorer X and highly recommended for the ultimate in Explorer handling.


UTQG (Universal Tire Quality Rating) ratings:
15"treadware 340
traction A
temperature A
16"treadware 300
traction A
emperature A
17"not UTQG rated