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If you're looking for substantially improved power for your towing, hauling or high performance driving, supercharging is the most cost effective way to get you there.

Now the first truly original equipment quality supercharger is available for your Explorer - the Explorer Express X-charger for V8s. It features an Eaton supercharger unit - similar to the one used on the supercharged Thunderbirds. Unlike centrifugal superchargers that build boost with engine speed, producing power only at higher RPMs, the Eaton supercharger makes 70% of its 6 lb rated boost at only 1800 RPM. The result is excellent low to mid range power and throttle response with a strong top end. Performance is outstanding - and throttle response is fantastic. You won't believe that you're driving a 2 ton plus Explorer.

The efficient by-pass system allows no-boost cruising, and the supercharger needs only 3 horsepower to drive it while the by-pass valve is open. Fuel economy is similar to stock. Plus these superchargers are very quiet and require no maintenance for 100,000 miles.

But the best part of the X-CHARGER is how much fun it makes everyday driving. Whether you need extra power or just want to know that your Explorer is stronger than 90% of the other cars out there, the X-charger will put a smile on your face.

The kit is simple and very easy to install. Just remove the stock upper intake manifold, install the supercharger and adapters, bolt on the idler plate and pulleys, relocate the coils and egr devices and replace the drive belt. The X-charger kit doesn't require any fuel or ignition system modifications. It includes a 10 page installation manual with 27 photos and illustrations. The kit is very complete and includes every required part to do a 1st class, professional job. Installation in our shop takes under 8 hours. An experienced auto tech who does engine work should be able to complete their first installation in 9-10 hours.

The supercharger unit is guaranteed for one year or 12,000 miles by its manufacturer. The rest of the kit, except for the belt and pulleys, is covered by our limited warranty for as long as you own the Explorer.

We have tested every supercharger available for Explorers and considering useful power, quiet operation, original equipment quality, minimal maintenance and easy installation - Eaton is the best. And the Explorer Express X-CHARGER is the best Eaton kit. Requires 92 octane fuel. Fits 96-00 5.0 V8s except some 96 & early 97 models with internal EGR supply. Check your 96/97 before ordering.

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Application Specs Part # Price  
96-01 Explorer Express V8 Supercharger ZD5555 $3495.95



V6 SOHC Supercharger coming soon

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